About us

About us



Our offices are located in the Pretoria north region, although our services are offered throughout Pretoria, Centurion and surrounding areas.

All our staff at Al’s Fridges and Air-cons are trained in the specific field of expertise to deliver only their very best at helping you in repairing or fixing of your broken fridges, freezers, bar fridges, box deep freezers, air-cons and many more…

There could be a wide range of problems that could go wrong with your fridges, freezers or air conditioning units. It does not matter how easy or difficult the problem may be, the expert team at Al’s Fridges and Air-cons will find the problem and come up with a solution.

Faulty units could require the replacement of things like thermostats, gas, P.C. boards, fans, internal fans, condenser fans, relays, clickson, heater elements, cold plates etc.  External leaks, as well as compressor (Motor) replacements and wiring problems can also be to blame.




The units we work on use either an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous gas, which is called R134A or a flammable gas called R600A.

For your convenience most units can be repaired at your premises in Pretoria, Centurion and surrounding areas.  Unfortunately depending on the fault, some units are required to be repaired at Al’s Fridges and Air-cons premises which is located in the northern region of Pretoria.

There is a wide range of fridges and freezers that we repair from old to new, ranging from the classic Kalvinator, Defy, KIC, Fuchsware , Fridge master, Bauer, Whirlpool to L.G. and many other brands… Including side by side units, display fridges, under counter units, high backs, cold and freezer rooms as well as coke fridges.

Fridge and freezer repair is not our only specialty. Our technicians at Al’s Fridges and Air-cons in Pretoria, are trained to assist with all your air conditioning needs too.

From simply servicing, repairs or re-gassing your unit to flushing out the system and fault finding and if you mean serious business, shifting and installing of any type of air con units, split units, under ceiling units, cassette units, ducket air-con units, hide away, as well as replacing of their compressors “motors”.

Once again these air cons are using R22 or R410 gas which is an environmental friendly, non- hazardous gas. Al’s Fridges and Air-cons repairs, gas and services portable air conditioning units as well.  You can either bring it to Al’s Fridges and Air-cons or our expert team can come to your premises.


There could be several reasons to cause your fridge, freezer or air-cons to not be working as it should, including faulty wiring or gas leaks and sometimes there is more than just one fault to repair.

Therefore at Al’s Fridges and Al’s Air cons, our technicians and supervisors have been trained to take on and hunt down the problem which is causing the units to be faulty or not working at all.

All our clients at Al’s fridges and Al’s air cons are just as important to us as the next. Therefore our prices are affordable, market related and we charge a standard rate, all depending on the work that needs to be done…

For insurance purposes Al’s Fridges and Al’s Air cons can we offer you a report in the case of an insurance claim, on request.

Making a booking is as easy as one, two, three…