The history of Al's fridges- aircons

The history of Al’s fridges- aircons

Al’s fridges and air-cons, goal is to offer customers only the best services and repairs for their fridges, freezers and air-conditioning units. Al’s fridgesaircons is the dream of Albert, a businessman who has studied refrigeration repair, to offer professional services within Pretoria, Centurion and surrounding areas. The knowledge and experience is most definitely seen within the outstanding work offered by all trained staff at Al’s fridgesaircons.

Alberts’ passion for Al’s fridges-aircons.

Albert explains, “Al’s Fridges-aircons started as a family business in 2009. Our business was founded by father and son. The reason I decided to go into this industry is because our fridge was giving problems. I realized that there is a market in this industry and I could help others repair their fridges with a bit more professionalism and less headaches than what we experienced.

We decided it was a good idea. Therefor I went on a fridge repair course to gain the knowledge i needed to repair a fridge properly. There after to broaden my skills i attended another course of fridge repairs which included the repairs of air-conditioners as well.

At the end of the day, our goal is to have many trained technicians working for Al’s Fridges-aircons making the community happy; One fridge at a time.”

Starting his career in Pretoria. Albert quickly became known for his professional workmanship and customer satisfaction. He is passionate about servicing and repairing clients fridges, freezers and air-con units as he understands the inconvenience when one of theses units are faulty or broken. He realized that many people were struggling to find good fridge, freezer and air-con services and repairs within Pretoria and Centurion. Therefor this need was rather important as once a unit breaks it is vital to repair the issue at hand as soon as possible, to prevent the spoilage of hundreds or even thousands, worth of produce.

Allens’ passion for Al’s fridges-aircons.

Allen is a well known business man who started his journey in client services in Klerksdorp with Marina Matwassers in 1988.

Allen is the proud father of Albert. He acknowledged the necessity to assist Albert in his career adventure. Allen has been mentoring Albert by sharing his knowledge, skills and experience to assist Albert to progress with the growth of Al’s fridges-aircons.

The two of them have partnered up. Both giving their strong suites to the industry. Allen is the voice and the advice behind the scenes, while Albert is the one you are most likely to see within the field.

Our passion is keeping you cool

It has never been easier to have your fridges, freezers and air-cons servied and repaired

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